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WIN World is a media production company focused on premium conferences, impactful corporate events and transformative leadership retreats. We exist to inspire leaders and organizations for the future.


What we do

Customer Centric Conference
National Geographic Summit
The School of Life Conference Lisbon
Encontro Nacional COTEC
COTEC Europe Summit
EDP We Choose Earth Tour

And other important tailor-made projects for special companies like

What distinguishes us

  • Forward thinking mindset
  • Obsession for research, knowledge organization and content creation
  • Ambition
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Talented team
  • Strong culture
  • 360º integrated solutions
  • Distinguished portfolio
  • Well-known clients
  • Global network
  • Open playbook
  • Distinctive positioning

Our story

On December 4, 2008, WIN World was born with the mission of inspiring leaders and organizations for the future. We saw an audience of curious, ambitious and bold people, thirsty for great stories and ideas, and ready to act.

We see ourselves as a combination of a strategic consulting firm with a creative and powerful production house, and today, we are a complete media production company focused on premium conferences, impactful corporate events and transformative leadership retreats – projects designed to inspire forward-thinking mindsets, bold moves and impactful change.

Our original content aims to capture our time’s foremost themes and brightest leaders through captivating story-telling for live and digital platforms. We also work with daring organizations and brands to help them get their own message across in the most impacting way.

Headquartered in Lisbon, WIN World operates in two main verticals: the original projects and the tailor-made projects for corporate clients. With a multidisciplinary approach, we not only seek to enrich and inspire our audiences, but to continually engage with the changing media landscape and the leading thinkers and organizations of our time.




Through the permanent combination of strategic thinking, strong creative dna and implementation capabilities, we have:

  • + 175 Projects implemented in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Angola, United States of America and Singapore
  • + 125,000 People empowered directly-in-room
  • + 700 World-renowned speakers, trainers and artists involved
  • + 1000 Books in our library and new ones arriving every week

But there is more. Our life is about concept, content and multiformat storytelling and so we spend our time studying and translating knowledge into meaningful learning experiences. We have thousands of articles and papers studied; hundreds of leaders, trend setters and experts followed and analyzed at each moment and for each project; dozens of magazines, newspapers, newsletters and blogs subscribed; innumerous conferences, concerts, theatres, exhibitions attended – all this to be permanently in touch with knowledge and inspiration of all kind and keep our curious minds in shape for the creation and production of great content.


We believe that great content has the power to enrich people’s life as well as making society stronger and better. We are optimistic and enthusiastic about the future and like to work with those who are too, from partner to client level. Curiosity, creativity and excellence are at the foundation of everything we do.


We are passionate about the world and the future thrills us.

We believe all of us have a responsibility and a role to play.

We are ambitious and we embrace challenges that make way for growth.

We find our flow when we are inspiring people and companies to go beyond themselves.


Grow a beautiful global company.


We love to work! And we love to do it with:

Leaders and companies with non-obvious challenges in hands.

Leaders with complex or not-easy-to-clarify ambitions.

Leaders who look for event strategy and advisory.

Leaders and companies committed to do projects that have never been done before.

Leaders who admire our work, our style, our philosophy.


We have to say that we are good at understanding, deconstructing and translating ambitions or a bunch of desires into a meaningful experience. And don’t worry if you are not sure about the best way to start a project, to plan or conduct works because we love to organize needs and guide or help clients through the process.

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