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We are back on our blog!

There is a very good reason why you haven’t heard from us on this blog. We’ve been really busy lately with some big events – it’s been a tornado of emotions, and we are going to tell you all about it!

We’ll start with the latest event. It was simply mind-blowing and you will immediately get why: it was the second edition of the National Geographic Summit, which happened here, in Lisbon. If the first edition last year was absolutely incredible, bringing to Lisbon three wonderful speakers –  Dr. Jane Goodall, Jodi Cobb and Tristram Stuart – for an unforgettable morning at the sold out Tivoli Theater, this second edition took the whole event to another level.

This year, National Geographic raised even more its ambitions, bringing the National Geographic Summit back onto the stage in Lisbon, this time at a significantly bigger venue, the Coliseu de Lisboa!

Over two days, approximately 3.000 people gathered at Coliseu de Lisboa for an astonishing ride around the globe, exploring all together challenging issues of our planet within the topics of SPACE, EARTH, OCEANS, HUMANITY and also, STORYTELLING.

Indeed, the National Geographic Summit 2018 aimed at celebrating our planet by sharing amazing stories told in the first person by the guest speakers, with their unique view of the world thanks to their own extraordinary journey.

This year not three, but six internationally renowned speakers were invited to share topics of great importance, their life stories and their inspiring messages for a whole day, sparking minds and bringing participants a broader view of the world around them.

On April 11, 2018, around 2.000 attendees had the chance to hear the inspiring messages of the following speakers, each one bringing an amazing topic of his or her field of expertise onto the stage:

TERRY VIRTS, astronaut, on ‘View from Above: The Wonders and Hopes of Space’;

MARIANA VAN ZELLER, reporter, on ‘The Joys and Perils of Revealing Stories that Matter’;

HYEONSEO LEE, activist, on ‘Human Challenges of Our Time – a True Story in the first person’,

CHARLIE HAMILTON JAMES, photojournalist, on ‘The Mysteries and Challenges of Nature and Planet Earth’;

ADJANY COSTA, researcher, on ‘The Thrills and Torments of Wildlife Scientific Expeditions’;

SYLVIA EARLE, explorer, on ‘The Greatness of Oceans and Why They Matter to Us’.

The day after, April 12, 2018, there were about 1000 attendees for the National Geographic Summit 2018’s special sessions: a special session for students with Mariana van Zeller, Susana Carvalho and Terry Virts; a special masterclass on ‘The Art of Storytelling’ with Will Storr; and the British Council contest ‘Famelab’.

With this event, National Geographic, as the world’s leading institution in exploration, science and adventure, and a center of talents that cross generations and borders, invited once again Portugal to go further.

Below you may find a sneak peak at some of the best moments.

For more information about the National Geographic Summit 2018, please visit https://www.natgeo.pt/nationalgeographicsummit

Stay tuned for the story about another big event we’ve been working for!


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