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This year our company celebrates its 10th anniversary and we want to push ourselves – and our audiences – much further.


We want to celebrate and inspire the future. Individuality and diversity. Complementarity and collectivity. Creativity and generosity. Planet and humanity.

The best way to do this is by bringing together curious, creative and innovative minds from very different areas – be it neuroscience, music, sports, wildlife, business or philosophy, among others. People who live in state of unrest about all the possibilities that there may be for our future and who will share, through very different formats, their ideas about the future – the way they see it, hear it, feel it, want it.

We also want to disrupt the way conferences are made. We want to have people from around the world and for that technology and creativity became great allies on building up a whole new kind of line-up. This means the program will be very dynamic, composed by sessions in a variety of formats,and we will have some guest speakers sharing their ideas on stage, some through audio, video or graphic formats.

We are loving this.

The conference will take place at NOVA SBE Campus, on December 4, 2018.

Audience will be composed of 400 people, half of which will be like-minded leaders, scientists, artists, humanists, thinkers and doers from a diversity of fields, the other half NOVA SBE students, in a path for an intergenerational dialogue and complicity, that so deeply fascinates us.

More information at The WIN World Conference.

We can’t wait!