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What makes the very best leaders who they are?

How can everyone put these behaviors into practice?

‘This new world, defined by the fluidity of people, fluidity of roles, and fluidity of information, […] made leadership behavior more important than ever, for both individuals and organizations, and […] made our commonly held views about happiness and success seem more conspicuously outdated and, frankly, wrong.’
  – Tal Ben-Shahar & Angus Ridgway, in ‘The Joy of Leadership’


10 years have passed since the first edition of Happy Conference with Tal Ben Shahar and here we are again, together, for a new transformative journey designed to take people and businesses into the future in a positive, joyful and sustainable way. 

In today’s context, in which exponential technology, volatility and fast-pace change are the norms, people at the heart of the organization turned out to be the most crucial competitive advantage of companies. Being so, Happy Conference 2019 is designed as a one-day ambitious, inclusive and joyful program for all of those who committed to become the best version of themselves.

An experience that not only reinforces the corporate ambition but also calls for each person’s talents and best self for the ride, with one’s finest authenticity, energy and ability to set bridges, connect and develop strong and meaningful relationships with one another. Based on Tal Ben-Shahar and Angus Ridgeway revolutionary SHARP (Strength, Health, Absorption, Relationships, and Purpose) program for becoming a 10X leader, Happy Conference 2019 is the beginning of a journey towards a positive and joyful leadership style. A journey towards greater results in all business and human dimensions, maximizing everyone’s impact and happiness in a challenging world.

At the Happy Conference 2019, leaders and teams, the audience at large, can expect to:

  • Be exposed to the insights, learnings and conclusions of experts from Harvard (Dr. Ben Shahar) and McKinsey & Company (Mr. Ridgway) whose work together combines in a unique way two extremely relevant spheres of knowledge: organizational science and positive psychology.
  • Get to know the behaviors, habits and cognitive styles of today’s most successful shapers and movers “the 10X Leaders”;
  • Gain a better understanding of the performance multipliers to achieve lasting success and fulfillment – the “SHARP” framework;
  • Learn powerful tools, techniques and tactics to develop a more positive and meaningful leadership role in today’s world and become more productive, authentic, energetic, engaged, and yes, happy with work and life in general.


More information and registration at Happy Corporations Society.


We are looking forward to learning all of this!