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Today, two weeks after The WIN World Conference, which took place on December 4 at Nova SBE, Carcavelos Campus, Grande Auditório, we bring you some ideas and messages that were shared on that very special afternoon.


The conference started with the video WIN World | Our Way, which expresses what we believe to be our way of being. We believe that the future is here, within us, and that we want it with projection, capable of impacting many more lives, for a lot more world, for many more worlds. We can seek to be who we want to be, which is wonderful, we can make choices, we can choose to be on the side of possibilities, we can look for a greater good, we can do more, grow, create wealth, inspire and impact the world.

Then we had our guest speakers of this first edition, who through various formats brought us very relevant ideas and messages:

The Future belongs to those who can hear it coming

DAVID ROWAN, founding-editor of Wired UK magazine, a specialist in trends, technology and innovation, made us think, through a voice recording, about the kind of future we want to build, reminiscent of the importance of everything that makes us truly human. David talked not only about the impact of automation on people’s lives and on business but also about the skills we should promote in our children, about health and how we are going to predict some of our illnesses, and about the responsibility we will have and we will have access to the important code of our genetic programming. If you want to hear his words again, click here.

The Future is about individuality, diversity, collectivity, interdisciplinarity

TIAGO FORJAZ, a man of vision who, above every function or technical profile, feels people, their talent and their potential, explored the origin and meaning of the words individuality, diversity, collectivity, interdisciplinarity, and their role in building a future that embraces everyone. And he made us discover an extraordinary word, allophilia, which translates into the attitude not of mere tolerance but of positivity in the face of difference. It is about being a child again and explore the surprise that comes with each new discovery or difference, which is wonderful because it opens a whole new world of possibilities.

The Future has a strange order of things (life, feelings, cultures)

ANTONIO DAMASIO, a Portuguese neuroscientist who lifts feelings and emotions as the core of consciousness and intelligent life, invited us, via a short film, to reflect on the strange order of things and the role of feelings in life and in the formation of all cultures so that we look to the future without forgetting what is at the origin of the processes that form it.

The Future of the way we eat, care and live

MINNIE FREUDHENTAL, a medical doctor, came on stage to share her holistic view on the future of medicine, which integrates the body, the mind and human relationships as fundamental dimensions of health and well-being. Minnie also talked about technology and how it can be an important ally in our health consciousness, and how we can effectively explore a life with more life.

The Future demands business and humanities hand in hand

ALAIN DE BOTTON, philosopher and author, founder of The School of Life, reminded us through a short film, in that very eloquent way that is his own, of the importance of stopping, looking and reflecting, and of the need to integrate the learnings of the humanities in the way we see and live the world of business.

The Future loves entertainment and live experiences

ROBERTA MEDINA, vice president of Rock in Rio, came on stage to talk about the importance of entertainment and live experiences in people’s lives, and to tell us the story of this magical and impacting festival. She described some of the difficulties every dream faces when we try to make them happen. Her testimony is a message of courage inspiring us to never let go when we truly believe in an ambition.

The Future is simple and user friendly

, co-founder and CEO of Alan, an insurance company that promises an easy and agile experience for consumers. His message, in film format, has alerted us to two fundamental principles for the future – simplicity and ease. And simple is not simply: every detail of simplicity for the consumer requires immense intellectual work on the part of the organizations. But there is no doubt: this is what the future wants.

The Future takes on lives and careers in portfolio

JOSÉ LUIS PINTO BASTO, a businessman and commercial pilot, came onto the stage to talk about the possibility of developing a life with several lives and understanding, exploring and enjoying the virtuous cycle of knowledge, income and satisfaction that these various lives contribute to our life and to the lives of those around us. Everything was born within him and the dream and the greater purpose he had for himself. Today we give a name to this type of life and career – it is called a ‘portfolio career’ – and we know it will be very common in the future. It is better for people and organizations. It is better for the world. We just have to know better our inner selves and explore the various possibilities with a view to this bigger and better impact over a lifetime, which nowadays can well last more than 100 years.

The Future moves with research, science and innovation

CARLOS MOEDAS, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, really wanted to participate in The WIN World Conference despite his busy agenda and thus he sent us a film in which he brought a strong and powerful message about the capacity for innovation that exists in each one of us and about the enormous importance of collaboration and collective effort in the construction of a better future for all.

The Future is about making it happen

JACK & SUZY WELCH, both action leaders, extremely pragmatic and highly committed to the future, shared their views, through a film, on how we should approach and build the future. For Jack Welch, the future is made with the best people and the best team, through building up confidence and knowing how to delegate well. For Suzy Welch, it is crucial that we first find our area of destiny – the area where our talent and our passions are and where we feel the world needs us the most.

The Future is bright. Trust me

TIM VIEIRA, born in South Africa, is an entrepreneur who loves business and gives himself to life and people with a contagious energy. He came on stage to share his positivism, to inspire us with a sense of achievement and generosity and to challenge us to apply the sometimes difficult but possible concepts of Love and Forgiveness, day by day, to a richer life, with more future.

The Future is handmade

GONÇALO CONCEIÇÃO, owner and CEO of Viúva Lamego, brought onto the stage the artisans, the art of people and their hands. In the increasingly digital world we live in, betting on a beautiful future, all of it done by hand, is really exciting because it brings us back to an essential aspect of humanity: the importance of touch, of the manual labor. And handmade pieces are unique and full of good wishes in every detail.

The Future calls for conservation

LARISSA SOUSA, head of the Gorongosa National Park Girls’ Clubs project, came onto the stage to tell us about the park, revealing the ambitious vision, concerted efforts and involvement of the local community on all fronts of development. She awakened us to this wonderful project of wildlife recovery and human and community development. It’s definitely worth going back to see the video that Larissa shared with us.

PAULO AZEVEDO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-CEO of Sonae, who has played an important role in supporting conservation projects, joined Larissa on stage, sharing his admiration for the Gorongosa project and reporting on the developing inclusive project, which is highly inspiring and with results at various levels. Paulo Azevedo reinforced the importance of individuals and companies becoming more and more involved in the conservation of the planet. To all who want to get more involved in the Gorongosa project, we suggest exploring: Gorongosa – Take action .

The Future is built together

PEDRO SANTA CLARA, President of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation and leader of the project of the new campus of Nova SBE and its fundraising, came onto the stage to share with us the idea of the larger collective group, which goes beyond us and our team customers and suppliers. A collective that thinks, invests and makes bigger works happen, taking us all further.

The Future comprises classical music and Netflix

MARTIM SOUSA TAVARES, maestro, brought onto the stage his deep knowledge of classical music and underlined the challenges that this music genre, and the classical culture in general, have been facing. For Martim, the future has to comprise both classical music and netflix, and it is up to musicians and artists to innovate and reinvent the classic so as to always ensure the place it deserves in the future, considering its fundamental role in raising culture and minds. Martim conducted this conference through a journey of sounds that will take us all in the future until next year and beyond.

For more information about the conference:

To all of you, those who were there and those who were not but were in intention, once again, a big thank you for your presence in WIN World’s life and for your immense curiosity that inspires us so much in the construction of innovative and positively provocative programs. If you have suggestions, ideas, aspirations, please send us an email or better, call us and have tea with us!

Finally, we would like to share with you a short video that allows you to feel a bit the look & feel of The WIN World Conference on December 4, 2018. We hope you enjoy it!

We are counting on you for the next edition, December 4, 2019! Save the date!


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