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Two weeks have lapsed since what has been WIN World’s greatest and most amazing challenge: to teach what we know to others in the greatest way possible.  

On December 5, 6 and 7, 2018, WIN World and Nova SBE Executive Education were delighted to present, at the fresh new and mesmerizing Carcavelos University Campus, the first edition of The WIN World Playbook, a 3-day intensive executive program on Concept, Planning and Global Management of Public Conferences and Corporate Meetings.

The program took participants through a learning journey on what it takes to:

  • create a powerful concept for a public conference or a corporate meeting;
  • plan all the works, the flows, the timings, and involve the winning team;
  • outline an engaging program and involve the best speakers, artists and other invitees on stage;
  • develop contents and multimedia with purpose;
  • make a great graphic identity;
  • design an engaging marketing and communication strategy;
  • define pricings and sponsorships;
  • plan and manage all the production and logistics;
  • identify and select best partners and suppliers to work with;
  • plan and control revenues and costs;
  • understand the context and the legal framework of action;
  • assure safety and have all the insurances that are need;
  • go live, impact and inspire greatly the audiences.


The program was designed to provide a 360º view of the thinking-planning-acting processes involved and is structured in 4 core modules of learning, 9 special sessions and 1 workshop.  

It was a very dynamic program – knowledge, cases, interaction, practice; experts in each matter, special networking moments and enriching supporting materials for long last learning.

Have a look at this short video of the first edition 🙂

Among other very useful suggestions that will help us improve the program, here are some of the amazing testimonies our participants of the first edition left us with:

“Thanks to the WIN World’s team, for these three days full of learning! I finished this course with even more curiosity about the events world and full of will to put into practice what I’ve learned. I´m leaving this project a real winner”.

“Wonderful materials, super structured information, preparation, preparation and preparation! Fabulous!”

“Methodology and organization. Thank you.”

“Fantastic. It was a memorable initiative.”

“Admirable, every single detail this area involves and how the knowledge was structured. This definitively helped me to understand that I already do a lot of things in this area, but now I have the chance to do all of it in a more complete and organized way. It was certainly very useful, I’m glad that I participated. Very good!”

“The course exceeded my expectations! Exemplary organization and comprehensive contents that are essential tools for whoever wants to work in this area. And an excellent systematization for those who are already working in it. What if WIN World organized a walk with this first group? Many thanks and congratulations!”

“Congratulations for the ambition and innovation! I was looking for a professional and academic help a long time ago to structure my knowledge and experience of so many years organizing events, conferences and workshops. This training in the context of NOVA SBE was extraordinary in several aspects. I emphasize the elegance and know-how of Carlota, the liveliness of Benedita and the dedication of Anaisa and Rafael. Until next time!”

“WIN Worlders, bravo! Bravo for the social media strategy that brought me to you. Bravo for the conference which convinced me of the legitimacy of your work. Bravo for the quality of the supporting materials, for the contents’ structuring and systematization. Bravo for the admiration and cooperation that your suppliers (or better: collaborators) feel towards you. Bravo for the super team, for the vision of finding so welcoming and committed talents and human beings. I could write a love letter here, so happy that I am for having sensed the presence of humanity, from the contents, to the backstage and also in the collaborators and suppliers. “McKinsey with Cirque du Soleil?” the path and the course (as well as the values and dedication), they’re all there. And after ten years, you created 30 more fans in three days. And I am one of them! “To infinity and beyond!””

“Extremely well-organized training, excellent suppliers and irreproachable company. WIN World deserves congratulations. To the whole team my thanks for this learning experience.”

The next edition of The WIN Word Playbook executive program will happen on June 26, 27 and 28, 2019.

Are you curious about the program? We are very happy to answer any questions you might have! Just get in touch!

For more information, registration and contacts please visit The WIN World Playbook.

All the very best!

WIN World