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Artificial intelligence can help train superprofessionals

December 9, 2021

Introduced to the world in 2019, in a first moment aimed at the medical field, helping patients who lost their speech to communicate, the Alter Ego artificial intelligence could now be used to create a generation of super professionals with access to any knowledge. 

That’s what defended the inventor Arnav Kapur in an interview with Brazilian newspaper Valor. The 25-year-old scientist, one of the stars of the MIT Media Lab, intends to invert the logic of the last 30 years regarding the use of technology.

Considered one of the great inventions by Time magazine, Alter Ego is a device capable of translating our questions to the computer without having to verbalize them, just by wearing a small headset behind the ear that sends out vibrations to the brain. According to Kapur, it only accesses what we really want to know and not all our thoughts. “The user’s privacy is not invaded”, he says. The purpose of the system is that the person can have access to information while doing something else. 

And how could it change working dynamics? For example, in a meeting, a person with a question about a piece of data could get an answer in seconds while continuing the conversation. Or someone could access a manual on the internet internally while putting something together.

However, Kapur prefers workers to use it voluntarily: “I would like this to come from the employees and not the companies imposing this use”. The Alter Ego, according to him, could definitely be a work tool, improving the performance of teams and having many different applications depending on the professional context they are in.


Source: MIT Media Lab | Valor