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Brazilians are the ones who most believe in science worldwide

June 23, 2022

A study conducted by the multinational company 3M with 17 thousand people from 17 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, indicates that the credibility of scientists is on the rise in most countries, but particularly high in Brazil. The State of Science Index shows that 92% of Brazilian respondents trust science and 90% trust scientists, while the average in other countries is 86%.

On the global average, scientists are the most trusted source of scientific information (85%), closely followed by medical professionals (84%). Next, come documentaries (77%) and teachers (74%).

Yet, science is more relevant to younger generations. Since 2018, the importance of science has increased 8 points. Younger generations (61% Gen Z + Millennials) are more likely than older generations (53% Gen X + Baby Boomers) to agree that science is very important to their daily lives.

Although the perception of science as divisive for people with opposing views is shown as a growing trend, 83% agree that there are negative consequences to society if people do not value science, such as:

  • 61% More public health crises
  • 57% More division within society
  • 53% Increase in the severity of climate change effects


Source: State of Science Index 2022