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Health Now: why should it be a priority for corporations?

March 19, 2022

“When people feel inspired, motivated and supported in their work, they do more work – and that work is significantly less stressful on their overall health and wellbeing”, the recent Gallup’s report ‘Employee Burnout: Causes and Cures’ has found.

The current workforce is bearing unprecedented demands, as employees are expected to do more with less. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted unexpected shifts in working practices for many and the number of employees experiencing exhaustion has increased significantly, reaching frighteningly high levels with serious consequences.

Another research, the ‘Global Culture Report’, brings together a number of important data on burnout, and its impact on organizations:

Each of these numbers will be detailed on the 29th, at Happy Conference 2022. With innovative approaches, speakers will share some interesting ideas on how to build healthy work environments, where people can be at their full potential, by managing stress, encouraging compassion, supporting preventive health and motivating virtuous behavior.

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Source: O. C. Tanner