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New Year’s wishes at work: flexibility

December 23, 2021

Recent research on the expectations of professionals concerning the future of work shows that the interest in well-being should remain on the companies’ agenda in the coming year. 80% of respondents expect managers to continue to respect their personal lives, time with family and friends. 

The survey was carried out by the multinational business and IT consultancy NTT Data with 3,200 professionals from 10 countries, including Brazil and Portugal – all from large groups, financial, energy and health sectors, as well as telecommunications and consumer goods.

According to the study, 97% of respondents prefer to work in a different format than the traditional model, which used to be completely face-to-face for many; Almost half of the respondents, 40.4%, would like to work with a flexible policy, where they can decide the best times and formats; 32%: prefer to work some days at the company and others at home/remote, and 25.3% would rather the full remote / home office model. Only 1.45% would like to work entirely in person.

“The home office showed that it is possible to be productive without the need to be physically present at the office, in addition to benefits such as saving time with the family, avoiding traffic, reducing costs, among others. It does not mean that there is no one missing socializing. Still, it shows that flexibility has become a professional desire”, says Leylah Macluf, director of talent and transformation at NTT Data in Latin America. 

The study shows that flexibility in work formats will positively attract talent in the next five years.


Source: Insights for the future