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Jobs that mention AI attract greater candidate engagement

Worldwide, the competencies required for jobs are expected to change by at least 65% by 2030, as rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence accelerate change

Raising capital: a go-to funding source

A new survey of private companies reveals that raising capital is the big bet of the moment for financing growth initiatives. The vast majority of the 100 surve

US executives expect remote work to grow again

Executives expect remote and hybrid working models to grow over the next five years, according to a new survey. The reasons: employees like it, technology is im

The future of corporate travel

As more and more companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint to meet regulatory requirements or their own sustainability goals, corporate travel is drawing

Vocational training: the key to adapting to a changing labour market

Boosting access to vocational training will be critical to ensure more young people can meet increasing demands for skilled workers and adapt to and benefit fro

The women leading higher education in the US

A recent survey on the profile of US university presidents, conducted by the American Council of Education, found that only a third of the presidencies are held

CEO turnover is the highest in 20 years

Bosses are changing jobs – at least in the United States. The pace of CEO turnover in US companies escalated in September, when 164 managers left their po

Creative Culture

By João Moreira  Cultural diversity is one of humanity’s greatest assets. The ability we have to multiply ourselves in languages, religions, traditions,

The network effect on career-building

More than 80% of women use networking to reach important positions in companies. A new report, published by Chief, a North American women network, spoke to 751

Leaders endorse revised G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

The revised G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance – a joint G20/OECD effort to help companies navigate changing capital markets while promoting market c

Top AI solutions to revolutionize global healthcare

A new World Economic Forum report highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare and the importance of public-private col

Generation Z is the least flexible at work, survey reveals

Easy adaptation to change and the flow of activities doesn’t seem to suit those born after 1997. According to a survey published firsthand by the newspape

EU regulation drives the sustainability transition, report shows

Multiple new regulatory proposals are making rapid progress in the European Union, leading the way in addressing climate change and stimulating the social and e

Reschedule your meetings now

Can the way meetings are scheduled during the day hinder performance at work? A study published by the American Psychological Association reveals that yes, it c

Using generative AI responsibly

Generative Artificial Intelligence technology is advancing quickly. And with expansion and advantages also come risks and precautions. A recent article publishe

Why employee wellbeing matters

Employees’ expectations about their jobs have fundamentally changed in recent years. According to Gallup’s analysis, many employees now have new and mor

‘Dual-promotion’: bragging without backlash

‘If we don’t promote and value ourselves, who will, right?’ Although this popular maxim is called for in moments of support and self-esteem, it faces

The world’s top emerging technologies

A new report released by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Frontiers Media S.A outlines the technologies poised to positively impact society in the n

Workplace arrangements: top of mind

A new survey released by Deloitte in collaboration with independent research organization Workplace Intelligence reveals that for both men and women, workplace

The impact of the CEO’s personality on organizational culture

Organizational culture is widely considered to be an essential factor that influences the triumph or downfall of a company. Although the role of leaders in defi

CEO decision-making in the age of AI

“It is an epic challenge.” This is how IBM researchers introduce a recent study investigating the relationship between CEOs and their decision-makin

Workation: the rise of a new trend

With the rise of remote work arrangements, ‘workations’ seem to be the trend of the hour. Essentially, it involves blending work responsibilities with a vac

Gender equality is stalling, new report shows

Gender parity globally has recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels, but the pace of change has stagnated as converging crises slow progress, according to the World Eco

Eight habits to live 20 years longer

A recent study involving over 700,000 U.S. veterans reports that people who adopt eight healthy lifestyle habits by middle age can expect to live substantially

Earth’s Remembrance

By João Vale Moreira To this unique and beautiful collection of rocks, water, lava, air, plants, and beings – from which fertility and life spring – we

It’s not just what is said but who says it that matters

In recent study published in Nature Human Behavior, researchers conducted a large-scale longitudinal field experiment to measure how identity cues shape content

Global demand for conscious luxury products increases, survey finds

Luxury consumers are increasingly concerned about buying conscious products. That’s what the Conscious Luxury Trend Report 2023, launched at the end of Ju

Scientists ever closer to the ‘holy grail’ of clean energy

In December last year, the US Department of Energy announced that scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory had carried out a nuclear fusion reac

Work does get done in less time

New research from non-profit, 4 Day Week Global, has found that companies’ average working hours continued to fall beyond the conclusion of their six-month 4

The state of global emotions

Gallup’s annual Global Emotions Report found that positive emotions recovered in 2022, after dropping for the first time in 2021 following years of stability.

People feel younger than ever, study shows

Recent research released by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) suggests that people have been feeling “younger” than those who had, in

AI tools bring welcome relief for overworked IT teams

A new Freshworks survey conducted with 2,000 IT professionals around the world found that 71% of IT professionals are already using A.I. to support their worklo

Group singing can benefit your health

Over the last 15 years, studies have demonstrated the impact of meditation, exercise, relaxation sessions, and emotional expression on mental health, quality of

Leaders call for innovation, entrepreneurship and global cooperation to revitalize growth

More than 1,500 leaders from around the world gathered in Tianjin, People’s Republic of China, at the World Economic Forum’s 14th Annual Meeting of the New

Key climate litigation cases shaping the future

The Global Climate Litigation Report: 2023 Status Review, based on a review of cases focused on climate change law, policy or science, demonstrated how courts a

Top 10 consumed business skills

Business leaders have an essential role to play in helping their employees build the skills they need. This effort is critical both to address the unique and co

Addressing psychosocial risks at work

“Australia is leading the way on a new generation of policies aimed at addressing mental health at work.” In a recently published article in Gallup, consult

Happy employees are critical for an organization’s success, study shows

Happiness makes people work harder, according to recent research from the University of Warwick (UK). Economists carried out a number of experiments and found h

Fostering effective energy transition

Major emerging economies with high future energy demand including China, India, Brazil and Indonesia, have made significant improvements on the energy transitio

ChatGPT: it’s not only about speed, MIT says

When it comes to everyday types of communication like writing emails or short reports, a new MIT study published in the journal Science suggests that generative

Napping at work: maybe a good idea

A study conducted by researchers from American institutions such as MIT, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania explored the sleep quality of 450

Labor market changes on the horizon

Employers anticipate a structural labor market churn of 23% of jobs in the next five years. That’s what the recent report “The Future of Work 2023”

Evolving board equity and representation

A recent report from Deloitte and the Alliance for Board Diversity shows that 22% of Fortune 500 board seats were held by individuals from underrepresented raci

Remote vs. in-office work? Hybrid has won

In a new research, the McKinsey Global Institute has modeled future demand for office, residential, and retail space in several scenarios. The main finding: hyb

The most in-demand skills of the year

In recent years, much has been said about soft skills and the importance of extra-curricular skills for good leadership performance. But what Linkedin’s l

€2.5 billion to be invested in distributed solar generation globally

Solar distributed generation (DG) has become one of the fastest growing businesses around the world – which is expected to represent close to 50% of all new s

Women and the financial services industry

How are women faring in ascending to the highest levels of leadership? How was this tracking with the share of women on financial services institutions (FSIs) b

The C-suite’s role in well-being

In a recent survey in collaboration with the independent research firm Workplace Intelligence, Deloitte surveyed 3,150 C-suite executives, managers, and employe

The core tool in delivering climate justice

Climate litigation is becoming an integral part of securing climate action and justice globally. According to a new report by the United Nations Environment Pro

The best CEO is the one who combines integrity and innovation

Commitment to innovation and the ability to analyze risk are a rare combination among CEO profiles, according to a new survey conducted by professors at Kennesa

5 pieces of advice Bill Gates wishes he’d received in college

In May, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke to recent graduates of the College of  Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences and the College of the Environ

Representation to overcome inequalities

By Filipe Reduto Gaspar I grew up surrounded by examples of people who look like me – white men – occupying most of the leadership positions. I saw

How AI is changing the anatomy of work

There are those who fear the advance of artificial intelligence in the labor market, making pessimistic forecasts, but there are also those who see the tool as

How women leaders seek to provide stability amid uncertainty

Executive women believe that trust in business leadership is paramount to providing stability in today’s climate. That’s the result of a survey of more

The next productivity frontier

According to the latest paper by McKinsey & Company, generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity, bringing a big economic impact. The a

Be aware. Then Act.

By Nathalia Toledo The UK has almost halved its emissions over the past three decades; the price of lithium-ion batteries fell by 97% in the last 30 years; and

Why efforts to promote DE&I are falling short

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) is a topic that is being pursued by companies worldwide, but making it a consistent practice is still a

Give your business some legs

Everyone knows that regular walking is good for your health. But Australian executive Di Westaway argues that leaders who walk outdoors with their employees gai

Leaders who disconnect lead better, study shows

The balance between personal and professional routines seems increasingly important in the corporate world. A study led by American scientists suggests that man

Accelerating climate action with AI

Artificial intelligence is in the spotlight with its multiple functionalities in different areas and industries, already changing in practice the daily lives of

Gen Zs and millennials: business still not meeting expectations

Yes, employers have made some important progress since pre-pandemic times, but for the majority of more than 22,000 Gen Zs and millennials heard by Deloitte acr

How exercises can boost work performance

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Hong Kong indicates that physical exercise can improve performance at work the next day, as a result of in

Analytical thinking: the core skill of 2023

According to the Future of Work 2023 report, released by The World Economic Forum, companies predict that 44% of workers’ core skills will be transformed

Gender equality: an action guide

Despite more and more women reaching the top ranks of leadership, which is a hard-won achievement, the picture is still overshadowed by the fact that women rema

The board’s role in CEO succession planning

CEO succession planning can be a significant challenge for leaders and organizations. The process of identifying and developing internal candidates to fill key

ESG: how to turn adversity into advantage

A new survey of 125 firms by The Conference Board shows that only about half of companies have experienced backlash related to their environmental, social, and

Artificial Intelligence and I

By João Vale Moreira The advancement of times brings with it the advancement of Man and, consequently, the advancement of the machine. As we emphasize more tha

Is there a proper age to change careers?

Common sense might think that older people would be more settled or comfortable in their careers, not eager for a change of direction. A new survey, however, sh

Climate Leadership: what CEOs are doing

CEOs are facing a huge global challenge, no denying. The UN Global Compact’s 12th CEO Survey in partnership with Accenture shows that the majority of lead

More than 70% of companies plan to adopt new technologies by 2023

Most companies plan to adopt new technologies in 2023. This is the main finding of the Digibee 2023 State of Enterprise Integration Report. In its 2nd edition,

Gen Z: prioritizing mental health is non-negotiable

A recent survey by TimelyCare, an American firm that offers emotional support to students, revealed that 92% of college students believe employers should offer

Companies are getting younger, and women are securing more CEO positions

The C-level is getting a makeover, at least in the United States. A recent report from the global executive search and leadership consulting firm Spencer Stuart

Why you should change the way your people are managed

In 2022, employee engagement and job opportunities surged globally, coming back in line with pre-pandemic historical trends on economic development and growth.

Six ways that AI creates business value

More than at any time in recent history, businesses in all fields are moving closer to AI by incorporating it into their operations, whether through partnership

Quiet quitting: how to break the silence

High on social networks in recent years, the phenomenon taking millions of people not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description does

Internal recruitment gets more transparency

A recent survey conducted by the Brazilian consulting firm Produtive reveals that 62.6% of employees realize that their company is open to dialogs about interna

Climate Future: how to mitigate impacts

A newly written book by MIT Sloan economist Robert S. Pindyck argues that despite efforts to reduce emissions around the world, severe climate change is likely

Music as an ally against insomnia

Ten universities and institutions from Europe have already begun a big research project to discover how music affects the brain before and during sleep – and

Digital media trends: the blended realities of younger generations

Almost half of Gen Zs and Millennials in the United States spend more time socializing with others in social media than in the physical world, and 40% admit to

Solar energy to have more investment than oil production for the 1st time, IEA reports

Global additions of renewable power capacity are expected to jump by a third this year as growing policy momentum, higher fossil fuel prices and energy security

Building a strengths-based culture

A strengths-based culture that all employees respect is only successful if senior leaders articulate how strengths fit into the organization’s purpose and

The healthy habits of high-performance organizations

An organization’s culture directly influences financial performance. This is what a number of studies have found, challenging the notion that the topic re

Asynchronous work can boost your creativity

Temporal restructuring has featured prominently as asynchronous work becomes a growing trend, particularly due to the rise of remote work and the need for flexi

Children of people with flexible working hours are healthier, more sociable and happier

Psychologists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) analyzed the relationship between workers and their jobs during the first year of a child’

The Generation Z effect

Generation Z is leading companies to a new way of working, with less presence in the office and more actions focused on the ESG agenda. According Talent Trends

The role data plays in decision-making

The number of decisions we are making is multiplying and more data is not helping. In other words, the complex relationship leaders have with data and decision-

Mental health remains a top concern for working women

The stigma around workplace mental health remains in evidence, especially for women. The third edition of Deloitte’s Women @ Work: A Global Outlook, a survey

7 big companies join forces to accelerate black professionals’ careers in Brazil

Gerdau, iFood, Itaú Unibanco, LinkedIn, Magalu, Nubank and Vale announced the launch of the #CarreirasComFuturo Movement to disseminate diversity and inclusion

The 5 fastest-growing jobs in the world

Technology adoption will remain a key driver of business transformation in the next five years. According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Rep

Global temperatures expected to rise to record highs in next five years, UN says

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said this Wednesday that global temperatures are expected to hit record rates in the next five years because of gree

Work in noise or in complete silence? Neither one nor the other

Choosing to work in a library-level silent place instead of a busy coffee shop is certainly better for a healthy workday, right? Not exactly. A new study by res

Investors call for more explicit sustainability metrics

Sustainability remains at the top of the corporate governance agenda with regulators and investors tasking companies with deepening their Environmental Social G

Revealing salaries to coworkers: a new global trend

Talking about salary in the workplace is no longer a taboo – at least among younger professionals in the United States. As new salary transparency laws ar

The CEO — and the board — own the trust agenda

Who, specifically, is responsible for managing trust inside a company? For the vast majority of leaders heard by Deloitte in October 2022, the CEO is ultimately

The impact of mansplaining on women’s careers

Mansplaining, that is, commenting on or explaining something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or simplistic way, has been incr

1 in 3 companies is watching remote workers on camera

Since the pandemic, the number of companies that have started investing in remote work has multiplied, providing the comfort and technology needed for people to

Trophic rewilding: an overlooked climate change solution

Protecting the functional roles of big animals in ecosystems is an undervalued contribution in controlling the carbon cycle, a new report published in the journ

Meditation has same effect as anxiety medication, study suggests

A guided mindfulness-based stress reduction program was as effective as use of the gold-standard drug — the common antidepressant escitalopram — for patient

CEOs and the cyber risk: secret fears, uncertainty and discomfort

CEOs, regardless of their education, must become significantly more cyber-literate, like it or not. So said  Fortune’s senior editor Geoff Colvin, analyz

Flexible work is essential to attracting talent

In job interviews, the working model is one of the first and main questions asked by candidates. After the pandemic, flexibility to work from home or anywhere e