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First test mission to defend Planet Earth

On Wednesday (November 24th), NASA launched the first mission to hit an asteroid as a test against future threats. A spacecraft will crash into the satellite Di

9 business practices for improving safety and health through supply chains

Meaningful initiatives have been developed to address the various facets of a safe and healthy working environment, including monitoring, compliance, and remedi

Organizations at a tipping point in D&I agenda

The pandemic has pushed firms and leaders into deliberate how diversity and inclusion (D&I) evolve within their systems, culture, and strategy, according to

Metaverse: the future of work?

Considered the next chapter of the Internet, the virtual world where people will be able to interact and carry out any activity – including work – i

BIS: Female managers are better for the planet

A new study published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a Swiss-based oversight institution for the world’s central banks, suggests a benefit t

Contemporary Art market breaking records in 2021. What is behind?

Despite the negative impact of the global health crisis, global turnover on Contemporary Art is continuing to grow. According to the latest Artprice report, bet

Social skills: the must-have for a good manager (at any level)

More than ever, firms are demanding from their leaders the capability to interact, persuade, relate to others, and, most, the ability to listen. A team of resea

Workplace mental health at a catalytic point in time

Researchers who conducted a study on the prevalence of mental health challenges and stigma in U.S. workplaces in 2019 have now updated the report analyzing 2020

Women (and men) to boycott high gender pay gap firms

In recent years, several countries and regions around the world have approved new regulations requiring companies to disclose salary information broken down by

Social progress on advance worldwide – in short steps though

That’s the conclusion of the latest Social Progress Index, released since 2011 to measure the success of 168 nations, using data to influence policies and inv

COP26 is over. What’s Next?

The manifold pledges made during the last United Nations’ high-profile climate conference have taken the news headlines during the past two weeks. After s

Number of African businesswomen betting on innovation on a rise

A recent study published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reveals that approximately one in four African busines

A new business contract for education

A new report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) asks for reflection on the type of education the world wants looki

Leaders call for protecting children online

Internet giants joined several world leaders to issue a global call to better protect children online. The appeal was initiated by France and the U.N. child pro

Women who breastfeed are more protected against Alzheimer’s, study says

New research by the University of California (UCLA), published in the scientific journal Evolution, Medicine and Public Health, found that women over the age of

Face masks could be affecting people interaction, new research suggests

A study led by Cardiff University found that people unable to use their mouth to mimic that emotion struggled to empathize with other people. The research has b