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Paid sabbatical becomes business investment to retain talent

June 28, 2022

The highly competitive market scenario and the increasing need to engage and retain talent have positioned the learning culture of companies as a key piece to enhance the experience of employees – and, consequently, make organizations more attractive in the eyes of professionals.

Research from upskilling platform Degreed, conducted in 15 countries, shows that employees who consider learning at their company as positive are 199% more likely to be promoted and 235% more likely to move to other areas of the organization.

This support is already becoming part of the companies’ strategy. Some are betting on programs in which the employee takes a sabbatical period, which can vary from one month to one year, to study. And this without losing job or salary. This is what specialists call a paid learning sabbatical.

According to Débora Mioranzza, vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean at Degreed, in an interview with Brazilian newspaper Estadão, this type of program brings three advantages to the company: professional development, greater retention of this specialized workforce, and savings, since the cost of a new hire is higher than the cost of upskilling.

“Every month, about 500 thousand people resign in Brazil. How many of them are not doing this to study and to study and improve themselves? Organizations are losing these talents,” she told the publication. “Leaders who have this vision are able to make internal movements to invest in the development of professionals. Because those who don’t invest in this continuous development not only lose their talents but can’t find people internally to put in place.”

Source: Estadão | Degreed