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Talent optimization: the weapon against The Great Resignation

February 18, 2022

Remote-friendly and inclusive companies, with the right people in the right roles, that prioritize health care benefits and practice talent optimization are way more likely to avoid the brunt of The Great Resignation.

The Predictive Index surveyed 326 executives, finding that organizations that have the best odds of combatting churn recognize the value of their people and put them in environments where they thrive. According to the report, 1 in 5 workers quit in the last 6 months. And more: 75% of executives say The Great Resignation impacted their financial stability.

The survey shows that companies with the right people in the right roles have a 42% lower turnover. But a staggering 76% percent of executives indicated they don’t have the right people in place for their strategy. Also, remote-friendly companies are experiencing a 33% lower turnover. Researchers compared turnover rates based on company remote work policies. Executives at fully on-site organizations reported a turnover rate of 24%. The turnover rate drops to 16% at remote-friendly organizations. 

“As more companies explore a long-term hybrid work model, they’re looking to strike the right balance for the business and their people. While there’s no one ‘right answer,’ you can get invaluable direction simply by understanding employee concerns and needs”, the report says.


Source: The Predictive Index