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The 4 dimensions of green business’ collective efforts

June 17, 2024

Sustainability and abundance aren’t opposites. In fact, brought together as catalytic partners, they can help drive human progress, the new Deloitte report brings to the table. 

According to Eamonn Kelly, Chief Futurist, every business will have its own unique opportunities to contribute to the next wave of innovation, shaping a brighter future to help people and planet to thrive. “Through a shared commitment to innovating toward Sustainable Abundance, we can help drive healthy growth and expanded prosperity, while fulfilling our collective aspirations across the short, medium, and long term,” he says.

Throughout his arguments, he identifies some of the most critical dimensions of businesses’ growing collective efforts—and examines how organizations can best contribute to them:

  1. Relaying the foundations of human survival 

…by creating new ways to provide the most basic essentials of food, water, and energy.

  1. Relaying the foundations of human progress

…through reimagining how we learn and grow, how we achieve and sustain health and well-being, and how we live together in safe and thriving communities.

  1. Reconnecting with nature

…by embracing Indigenous knowledge, biomimicry, and synthetic biology.

  1. Reducing our footprint

…through the circular economy, new manufacturing and materials science, and virtualization.

Source: Deloitte US