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The great wave of innovation

August 23, 2022

The pace of technology development and adoption by companies is bigger than ever in all economic domains, from agriculture to finance, from healthcare to manufacturing. Executives must create awareness on these technologies and comprehend the potential impact in their business, from being game changers and enabling ‘creative destruction’ to the simple order of magnitude gains in efficiency.

In a world where everything happens at a glance, technological innovations increasingly seem to be straight out of books or science fiction series. According to a report from BCG and Hello Tomorrow, innovation can be considered humanity’s fourth great technological wave – following the industrial revolutions, the Second World War and the 1980s digital revolution.

“The power of the 4th wave lies in its ability to massively broaden the option space at unprecedented speed and solve fundamental problems. Of all the innovation waves, it promises to be the most transformational. The greatest our world has ever seen.”, said the authors.

The report highlights the role of deep tech, or deep technology, referring to those startups whose business model is based on high tech innovation in engineering, or significant scientific advances. Many of the technologies that will revolutionize different areas in the near future are currently being developed in national and international, public and private laboratories – most inside universities.

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Source: BCG | NOVA FCT