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Upskilling: the key for keeping the workforce engaged

January 5, 2022

People stay at companies when they are still learning. That is one of the conclusions of a survey released by the business-to-business digital software company Amdocs. 90% of respondents, representing 1,000 American workers, consider strong training and upskilling programs a critical feature of prospective employers. For tech workers, that figure jumps to 97%.

The survey shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) of employees would leave a job due to lack of growth (38%) and training and development (26%). More than half (56%) want employers to offer more training and career development opportunities in 2022.

The businesses that help their workers to become constant learners place themselves several steps ahead.

The research also investigated other urgent demands for workers in 2022:

  • health and wellness appear on top (61%);
  • followed by training and development (56%);
  • CSR efforts like diversity and sustainability (37%);
  • remote work (35%);
  • mentorships (25%);
  • community service (23%);
  • and events around the company culture (23%).


Source: Amdocs