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Why employee wellbeing matters

October 6, 2023

Employees’ expectations about their jobs have fundamentally changed in recent years. According to Gallup’s analysis, many employees now have new and more serious factors to consider when they think about their job, including if their employer cares about their wellbeing. However, only about one in four U.S. employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their wellbeing. 

Why it should change

Data shows that teams most likely to feel like their organization cares about their wellbeing have higher customer engagement, profitability and productivity; lower turnover; and fewer safety incidents. Gallup has also found that employees who strongly agree that their employer cares about their overall wellbeing, compared with those who don’t, are:

  • 3x more likely to be engaged at work
  • 5x more likely to strongly advocate for their company as a place to work
  • 5x more likely to strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their organization
  • 36% more likely to be thriving in their overall lives
  • 69% less likely to actively search for a new job
  • 71% less likely to report experiencing a lot of burnout

“The consequences of employee-employer detachment — and employees feeling their employer doesn’t care about their wellbeing — include less commitment and effort from employees to go the extra mile for customers, less loyalty to the organization, and higher turnover,” wrote Jim Harter, Chief Scientist, Workplace for Gallup. Leaders who ignore these facts take the risks.

Source: Global Indicator: Employee Wellbeing | Gallup