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60% of European women have already turned down a job to take care of the family

November 21, 2022

According to a study of professionals in leadership positions in Germany, France, Italy, and the UK, 60% of women have turned down a job offer because of family responsibilities. Among men, 45% have done the same. The survey is from BCG (Boston Consulting Group) in partnership with the Women’s Forum and involved 1.5 thousand consultations with professionals in the technology industry. 

According to the study, men and women are very similar when it comes to ambition, willingness to accept challenges and high levels of technical knowledge. However, the main obstacle for women is their role in caring for the family. In addition, 80% of women have already said that they have taken time off work or adopted flexible working arrangements temporarily, compared to 50% of men – although it is agreed that this choice has an impact on career progression.

The other main challenges mentioned by the women interviewed were the pressure to prove oneself and the scarcity of leadership role models. By analyzing companies that have made progress in solving these challenges, BCG proposes actions to reduce inequality. 

“Corporate leaders need to actively help women build and nurture a support ecosystem through formal mentorship and sponsorship programs, company-sponsored coaching, and affiliation networks. Leaders also should be—and call attention to—relatable role models. Organizations and leaders need to set the tone on inclusivity by promoting inclusive ways of working and flexibility, making caregiver support a priority—for men and women.”, the report says.

The study concludes that, for an advance in representation, leadership engagement and support, efficient diversity programs, and a change in women’s attitudes are necessary.

Source: BCG