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Individual and plural actions: “a matter of survival”

July 14, 2022

There is no denying that the issue of health and well-being is in the spotlight. But the truth is that it should never have been off the agenda, with or without a pandemic. This is the mindset that has guided Kátia Regina Pereira during her almost 20-year career in the human resources area.

Manager of Remuneration and Benefits at Nestlé Brasil, Kátia Regina also leads the area of well-being and quality of life and the working group on race. “To talk about ’employees’ is to talk about a lot of people. What really makes a person feel included is to talk about the individual, so we have focused our actions looking at each person”, she says.

Among the initiatives that stand out for the employees, Katia mentions quality of life programs and support for physical and mental health, encouragement for internal recruitment to enhance the company’s talents, additional to training and career development actions through training. 

Giving employees the opportunity to choose is one of the key elements, according to the Nestlé manager, in addition to the possibility of working on projects in other areas. An example is the internal platform People Match, which connects employees with projects of interest. The company also recently launched Talent Hub — an online platform that allows employees to customize their development considering the moment in their career and what they want to learn.

“When we focus on personalization, we have a much better chance of getting people engaged on a daily basis. To me, inspirational leadership is inclusive. You will only get better and different results if you have different people together. Diversity is fundamental to the survival of a company. It is imperative to know the society you are in and be a mirror of it.  And the new generations already have a much more inclusive outlook.”

The full conversation with Kátia Regina Pereira is available to watch (or listen to) on BR Talks, the WIN World Newsroom interview series. Every two weeks, a new name shows what Brazilian leaders have to inspire and share with the world (click here for the complete episode).