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Analytical thinking: the core skill of 2023

July 10, 2023

According to the Future of Work 2023 report, released by The World Economic Forum, companies predict that 44% of workers’ core skills will be transformed by 2027 because technology is moving faster than firms can design and scale their training programs. In that vein, some growing professional skills are important for workers and employers who want to stay ahead of the change curve, as part of reskilling.

The research found that analytical thinking is considered a core skill by more companies than any other skill and constitutes, on average, 9% of the main skills reported. Creative thinking, another cognitive skill, ranks second, ahead of three self-efficacy skills: resilience, flexibility and agility. Check out the full list:

Top 10 Skills of 2023

  1. Analytical thinkin
  2. Creative thinking
  3. Resilience, flexibility and agility
  4. Motivation and self-awareness
  5. Curiosity and lifelong learning 
  6. Technological literacy
  7. Dependability and attention to detail
  8. Empathy and active listening 
  9. Leadership and social influence
  10. Quality control.

The study also shows that cognitive skills are reported to be growing in importance most quickly, reflecting the increasing importance of complex problem-solving in the workplace. “While respondents judged no skills to be in net decline, sizable minorities of companies judge reading, writing and mathematics; global citizenship; sensory-processing abilities; and manual dexterity, endurance and precision to be of declining importance for their workers.”, the WEF reports.

Source: World Economic Forum