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Artificial Intelligence and I

June 29, 2023

By João Vale Moreira

The advancement of times brings with it the advancement of Man and, consequently, the advancement of the machine. As we emphasize more than ever the role of everyone in society, across the whole spectrum – I mean gender, orientation, physiognomy, culture, and religion, among others – when finally diversity and inclusion are at the center of society’s debate, we begin to put into the equation where we place computers as well. Similarly, vital questions are raised about creativity, which in the last decades has been valued as a unique and autonomous tool, rather than a complement to other soft skills, and which is now being challenged with the authorship and merit of artificial intelligence.

Automation influences and describes the world we decided to move towards. On the one hand, everything is easier, more efficient, productive, faster, and tailor-made. There are advances that could never have been achieved in areas of the utmost importance, such as medicine or energy. On the other hand, we are becoming more and more disconnected, and human merit is being left in an unknown field. If there are machines that can create pieces of art, write music, or even literary masterpieces, then where are the creativity and originality of those who have ideas? Worse, when will the moment come when we can no longer distinguish human creation from machine creation? You see, an artificial brain has the capacity to explore possibilities, overcome barriers and challenge conventions in ways that humans do not. This technological audacity is an opportunity to unravel limits on innovation and progress, but it raises two urgent questions: How far should we allow machines to make decisions and push the limits of human beings? And how far will we have control? 

This is a huge challenge for the years to come. A profound reflection is needed on the harmony that must exist between humans and machines. Clear parameters must be defined for questions of authorship, merit, and creativity. It is necessary to fine-tune the development of artificial intelligence so that it can serve the common good and human dignity. The advancement of times brings with it inevitable transformations, which shouldn’t be fatalistic and ponder the elimination of one of the sides. It is up to us, the ones who have the control, to conduct this reality in a conscious and responsible manner, thus ensuring that technological advances continue to be allies of humanity and not compromisers of it.