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Clean energy: investment at high levels in 2023

January 10, 2024

US$ 2.8 trillion is the estimated value of investment in energy in 2023, according to the global Sector Atlas report, released by Allianz Trade. Out of this figure, more than US$1.7 trillion is earmarked for clean energy, including renewable energy, nuclear, low-emission fuels, and end-use renewables and electrification. The remainder, just over $1 trillion, will be used to supply uncontrolled fossil fuels and electricity, of which around 15% will go to coal and the rest to oil and gas.

The paper analyzed the risks of non-payment for companies in 18 areas of the economy, in 70 countries, and showed that various factors, including better economic conditions at a time of high and volatile fossil fuel prices, have driven investments in clean energy. 

The economists who developed the study analyzed the strengths of the energy sector and assessed it as a medium risk for companies:

  • Increased investment in clean energy;
  • Improved economy at a time of high and volatile fossil fuel prices;
  • Increased political support through various instruments;
  • Strong alignment of climate and energy security goals;
  • Focus on industrial strategy as countries seek to strengthen their sovereignty.

On the other hand, the main attention points for the coming years, according to the report, are:

  • Rising interest rates; 
  • Green regulation; 
  • Public infrastructure policies;
  • Geopolitical relations.

Source: Forbes | Canal Solar