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Companies unite for racial agenda

January 26, 2022

Almost 50 companies got together in a non-profit association to outline strategies to combat structural racism in Brazil and leverage the inclusion of black professionals in the job market, especially in leadership.

The Movement for Racial Equity (Mover) reunites 1.2 million employees in 47 enterprises, such as Coca-Cola, Gerdau, BRF, Ambev, Carrefour, UnitedHealth Group, XP and Heineken. Together, they set the goals of training 3 million black people with the skills demanded by the job market and creating and inserting 10,000 black professionals into leadership positions by 2030. 

To Valor newspaper, Liel Miranda, president of Mondelez in Brazil and of Mover, said it is possible to get there because the movement has clear goals, a strategic plan created with the support of entities and institutions that fight for racial equity, and an annual budget of R$ 15 million, initially considering a three-year investment cycle. The amount was raised among the associates, who in addition to signing a commitment to work for racial inclusion inside and outside their companies, also need to contribute a minority (R$ 250 thousand) or majority (R$ 500 thousand) quota.

In 2022, part of this budget will begin to be allocated to training, education and employment calls for proposals aimed at black entities and people.

“When we think about the future, we always imagine something better, right? Imagine a different future, in which achievements are equally possible and all people respected. But, what are we doing today to make those days exist? Assuming the mistakes already made, raising awareness and acting in the construction of a society with fair possibilities for all people. Moving around is not always easy, but it is natural for human beings: to leave the place, to position themselves and transform their surroundings. This is how we are going to move the structures towards a fairer collective”, says Mover manifest.


Source: Mover