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Financial sector employees ignore requests to return to the office, study indicates

December 20, 2022

Financial services employees often ignore their companies’ rules about the number of days they must be in the workplace, according to a study sponsored by some of the UK’s largest financial institutions – and published by Financial Times. Conducted by the non-profit Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) and the London School of Economics, the study found that employees wanted more flexible working because they rejected presenteeism and found it more important to prioritize productivity.

According to the report, based on interviews with 70 women and 30 men from banking, asset management, professional services, fintech, and insurance, finance employees believe that flexibility, rather than an obligation to meet a certain attendance quota, is more conducive to efficiency at the team level. 

The study also found that the shift to “remote first”, where working from their homes is the primary option for most employees, had either none or a positive impact on productivity.

Source: WIBF