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Four out of ten companies use gamification to train employees

December 9, 2022

Four out of ten organizations in Brazil use gamification training to develop employees, according to a survey conducted by Gupy, a human resources technology company, published by Valor.

The data shows that 40% of the 1.000 companies surveyed use gamified training for employees and 20% are implementing the model, and 40% do not adopt the facility yet. Gamification is a practice that uses game mechanics to stimulate employees, taking place in training or professional and personal development activities. 

According to the study, the main benefits for organizations with gamification are:

  1. Increase efficiency in corporate training 
  2. Collect instant feedback from participants
  3. Improving the behavioral direction of the professionals
  4. Bringing new generations closer to the market
  5. Develop and improve technical skills 

Aware of the benefits of gamification and why it is important to invest in the engagement at work, Gupy suggests that companies integrate the practice by following these steps:

  • Identify what the employee engagement gap is
  • Determine what goals need to be achieved
  • Know your employees to design a customized engagement solution
  • Develop an effective gamification strategy for employees
  • Publicize the gamified activity on company communication channels
  • Analyze and measure gamification results for employees
  • Reward gamification participants and reward those with good engagement

Source: Valor Econômico | Gupy