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Fresh perspectives on jobs and work

April 3, 2024

Updated data from Gallup reveals that U.S. workers’ remote workdays have stabilized after spiking during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, the composition of the post-pandemic workplace, and employees’ perspectives on their organization’s mission have all been targeted by Gallup studies in recent years.

According to new reports, the average U.S. worker spends 3.8 days per month working from home, down from 5.8 in 2020 but higher than the 2.4 average from 2019. Among the smaller sample of workers who have ever worked remotely, the figures are an average of 7.7 remote days per month currently compared with 11.9 in 2020 and 5.8 in 2019.

In the latest January 2024 update, Gallup also found that 55% of Americans say it is a “good time” to find a quality job:

“Giving employees a voice also conveys respect and shows that leaders care, which promotes a culture of engagement. This creates quality jobs — jobs where employees feel a sense of connection to their work and contributions,” wrote Areen Jalajel, Portfolio Director for Gallup’s U.S. “Quality jobs fan the flames of engagement: People are more enthusiastic and committed when they have a quality job and workplace — one with fair income, benefits and responsibilities. They take pride in their efforts. They don’t just perform better; they have better lives,” he added.

Perceptions of a favorable job market have gradually declined in recent years after reaching a record high of 74% in October 2021. At the time, this represented a remarkable recovery in the public’s views of the job market from the unprecedented 46-percentage-point plunge between the January (68%) and April 2020 (22%) readings. Now, what Gallup indicates is that the scenario could change for the better.

Source: Gallup