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Gender equity policies big in companies grow 25%

January 19, 2022

The number of companies with a specific area to take care of the gender equity strategy, with a focus and budget to include women in leadership, has grown by 25% in the last two years. According to the recent edition of the survey “Women in Leadership,” carried out by Brazilian newspapers and magazines, in partnership with the NGO WILL (Women in Leadership in Latin America), corporate policies are taking more into account intersectionalities in the face of the challenges of including, for example, more black women in their ranks. 

The survey shows that almost 60% of the companies reported a formal policy for gender equity, with clear goals and planned actions. In 2019, it was 41%. About half of them have goals to adjust the proportion between men and women in executive and management positions and 41% to balance gender representation in the board of directors and vice presidents.

In 2019, only 47% of the companies surveyed had a specific area or instance, with a budget, to take care of the diversity strategy. In 2020, that number rose to 63%, and this year it has reached 72%.

Gender equity is the main agenda touched by the areas of diversity (99%), followed by people with disabilities (90%), color and ethnicity (89%) and orientation and gender identity (85%). 

“The agenda for promoting female advancement came out of the human resources department and has been gaining more solid and consistent goals and metrics in organizations. However, the pace of progress is not accelerated, and organizations need to guarantee investments and efforts to transform goals into representative numbers”, says the publishing.


Source: Valor