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Girls who play, women who lead

December 6, 2023

Amid record-breaking attendance and viewership of women’s sports worldwide, a new survey found that playing competitive sports often helps set women up to have successful careers. The report “Impact of Sports on Women’s Professional Success,” released by Deloitte, revealed that women who played competitive sports in their youth are more likely to be in leadership or management roles:

  • 85% of surveyed women who played sports say the skills they developed playing sports were important to success in their professional careers — the findings are even higher among women in leadership roles (91%) and women who make $100,000 or more (93%). 
  • Regardless of personal experience playing sports, 61% of respondents agree that girls who play sports are likely to have successful careers. 
  • 75% of women surveyed who played competitive sports agree that girls who play competitive sports are more likely to be successful in their careers.

According to respondents, the top skills gained from competitive sports include teamwork and leadership. Other skills include managing stress and pressure, problem-solving, and effective communication.

“The continued advancement of women in sports and business is essential to help create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable society,” said Jason Girzadas, chief executive officer, Deloitte US.

Source: Deloitte US