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Happiness at work: a matter for managers

November 29, 2022

Professionals are expecting more from their companies – and particularly from their superiors – to feel happy at work, indicates the 2022 Work Wellbeing Insights survey, commissioned by the job search site Indeed, and investigating how 5,000 professionals in the U.S. market currently view topics such as well-being, happiness, and purpose at work. 

Just over 45% of respondents say their expectations of happiness at work have increased in the last 12 months. And most respondents feel they are not responsible for fostering that happy environment: 

  • 19% think that this responsibility lies with the direct manager; 
  • 14% of the company’s top leadership; 
  • 11% from the CEO; 
  • 10% the human resources department. 

About 40% see their own responsibility in achieving happiness at work.

“Workforce expectations continue to rise. Fair pay and flexibility are no longer the only key metrics people are considering when searching for their next role.”, the report says. Therefore, measuring and understanding employee wellbeing is becoming vital to attracting and retaining talent. 90% of people believe that how we feel at work matters. 

The analysis indicates that well-being has gained relevance for workers. Companies that do not intensify efforts on this agenda, giving priority, for example, to reducing stress and increasing overall satisfaction, may lose talent and suffer from decreased workforce performance.

Wellbeing is a business strategy

80% of people report it is important to see information around employee wellbeing when considering working at a company. Among those that indicate their company measures happiness and wellbeing, 80% are more likely to stay at their current employer for the next year. Yet only 49% of people report their company is measuring happiness and wellbeing.

“Put people and their wellbeing at the core of your business decisions. By knowing what matters, and how you’re doing, we can begin the journey to increasing work happiness together.”

Source: Work Wellbeing 2022 Insights Report