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Hiring for skills

April 22, 2024

Taking into account what candidates know rather than the places they’ve been and the degrees they hold is a trend in talent acquisition for this year, according to a study by global organizational management consultancy Korn Ferry. The report shows that global demand for these workers will continue to outstrip supply, and the new strategy for recruiters is to prioritize candidates’ knowledge, and the skills they possess, rather than their experience.

LinkedIn data used in the study shows that, in 2022, the number of job advertisements on the platform that did not require a professional degree increased by 36% compared to 2019. On the other hand, the number of recruiters looking for candidates on the platform based on their skills, rather than diplomas, was five times higher

A new focus on skills doesn’t just reference the technical ones, though. “Both technical and leadership skills will be highlighted in job postings and internal opportunities. We can expect to see more sideways moves as businesses reassign roles to unleash hidden potential in their ranks,” the report highlights. 

The authors believe this will help businesses align to the long-term strategic direction of the organization. That includes bringing in interim hires who can upskill teams—and allowing businesses to try new roles on for size before hiring into them permanently. “It’s a big win for diversity, equity and inclusion. And widening the talent pool will bring big advantages to organizations, too,” they conclude.

Source: Korn Ferry | Valor Econômico