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Home office: cold weather with blue skies boosts productivity

June 23, 2022

The weather outside the home office can play an important role and influence our productivity. A survey of 2,000 professionals investigated the issue and 73% of the participants said that whether the day was sunny, rainy or cloudy directly affected their production at work at home.

More than one in four respondents said that cool temperatures (28%) and clear blue skies (27%) had a connection to being more productive at work. Then, 65% prefer working outside when the weather is nice — from getting work done in local cafés (53%) to rooftops (48%) and patios (48%).

Overall, 68% said the motivation to learn or absorb information at work drops when the weather is poor.

The survey, commissioned by Wisetail and conducted by OnePoll, also suggests that shorter Fridays or Fridays off, especially on sunny days, can help professionals feel happier at work. About 6 in 10 (59%) respondents said they have this benefit at their jobs in the summer when the weather is warm. And, 85% said that enjoying this privilege makes them feel much happier at work.

“While there are evolving variables to the explanation and reason behind productivity and nice weather, we can correlate better weather with a more positive outlook on the day and overall better mood,” said Kyle Reichelt, product manager at Wisetail. “We also know that better moods lead to increased motivation and self-confidence, which all contributes to efficiency levels in productivity.”


  • Cool temperatures – 28%
  • Clear blue skies – 27%
  • Warm temperatures – 25%
  • Partly cloudy, blue skies – 24%
  • Light rain – 22%


  • Heavy rain – 25%
  • Thunder – 25%
  • Freezing temperatures – 25%
  • Snow – 23%
  • Hot temperatures – 23%

Source: Wisetail