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How to make company operations more agile

March 17, 2023

The expansion of new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, the adherence to decentralized ecosystems and experiments with the metaverse are some of the trends that Brazilian companies must follow in the next two years to make their operations more agile. The lack of manpower, on the other hand, is a challenge that these organizations will face for the digital transformation of their business, reveals Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2023 study.

The report identifies six technology macro forces that together provide a framework for continued evolution toward three strategies: simplicity, intelligence, and abundance:

Web Immersion for Business

For many years, the Internet was known as a medium to be accessed through rectangular screens. Today, technology experts recognize that the internet cannot continue to reduce its complexity as users are using interfaces known as metaverses;

Opening paths for new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies

While AI tools grow exponentially, few organizations realize the great gain that a good algorithm can bring. AI’s greatest tool is trust, and the new world has learned to trust new custom technologies;

Beyond the cloud: how to control the chaos of the multiverse

To circumvent the complexity of the revolutionary universe, some organizations are starting to automate processes. Cloud services provide access to unique tools and techniques to reduce the complexity of this type of operation;      

Flexibility, the best skill: reimagining the workforce

In recent years, companies have been committed to being competitive with new technological tools;

We trust ourselves: ecosystems and decentralized architectures

Blockchain-powered are not only being valued, but are creating digital trust;

Connect and extend: modernizing reality leaps and bounds

More than replacing systems, organizations are looking to enhance them by connecting and extending to modern technologies.

“Each trend offers opportunities to test new approaches and learn and transform both technology and business models. Transformation must be business and mission led, powered not only by already established technologies, but also by emerging technologies, with the goal of creating and shaping new markets. Tech Trends 2023 can help organizations nurture what we have now as we navigate to what’s next, building something meaningful, sustainable and favorable for tomorrow,” says Rodrigo Moreira de Oliveira, Technology Strategy & Transformation partner at Deloitte.

Source: Tech Trends 2023 | Deloitte