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It is time to embrace emotions

March 25, 2022

The traditional organizational mindset sees rationality and emotionality as two opposite forces and good leadership as tough and strong. In this perspective, emotions should be left at the door when reaching the workplace, but is that really so?

Dr. Amy Bradley disagrees. Specialist in the topics of leadership, compassion, and engagement at work, she advocates compassion as a fundamental human value and core competence for outstanding leaders, although often neglected in the business environment. The support to a compassionate culture is a catalyst for profound transformations in corporations and has contributed to great companies’ success. It is crucial to becoming more compassionate in an age when work is increasingly dehumanized.

“Compassion is not just about caring for colleagues and being a nice human being. Compassion also builds the bottom line. Companies that make compassion a core part of the business generate superior financial performance and experience higher levels of customer loyalty, because clients advocate when they feel cared for”, Dr. Amy Bradley said for Training Journal.

The positive impacts of a compassionate work environment transcend work-life boundaries and provide a sense of purpose and greater personal satisfaction for leaders and teams. 

Next March 29, at Happy Conference 2022, Dr. Amy Bradley will be holding a talk based on her latest book ​​”The Human Moment: The Positive Power of Compassion in the Workplace”.


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