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Jobs that mention AI attract greater candidate engagement

November 29, 2023

Worldwide, the competencies required for jobs are expected to change by at least 65% by 2030, as rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence accelerate changes in the workplace, according to data from LinkedIn.

The changes are already underway – job openings that mention AI or Generative AI have more than tripled (3.2x) in Brazil in the last two years, according to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report, which shows that applications focused on this topic have grown globally 17% faster compared to those that don’t mention AI.

The survey was conducted by Censuswide and based on 29,937 professionals in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Japan, including 1,319 HR professionals aged 16 and over between August 23 and 31, 2023.

To prepare their workforce for future changes, business leaders rely on Human Resources and recruitment teams to lead the way. Global data shows that 9 out of 10 professionals say their role has become more strategic in the last year:

  • 61% say they are implementing AI training to support employees;
  • Another 61% are already using technology to support their daily tasks;
  • 80% of HR professionals believe that AI will be a tool that helps them over the next 5 years, allowing them to focus on the more strategic and human aspects of their roles – such as strengthening relationships with candidates and colleagues.

“As job seekers expand their searches, recruiters are likely going to see an increased volume in applications. Efficiency is always important for talent acquisition teams – and especially in a market like this one,” LinkedIn VP of Global Talent Acquisition Erin Scruggs says. “As for the popularity of job posts mentioning AI, candidates are savvy. They’re showing they want to go where opportunities are. So I would consider it a requirement for most companies to share at least a basic roadmap of their AI strategy in job posts to keep up with the market.”

Source: Global Talent Trends | Exame