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Learning is becoming central to everyday work

June 22, 2022

Linkedin’s new report on learning reveals a shift in the overall landscape as a result of the pandemic. How L&D (learning and development) professionals responded to Covid-19 and helped their organizations adapt earned them a seat at the table. 

According to the report, 87% of learning leaders say they had “a little to a lot” of involvement in helping their organization adapt to the changes. The number of L&D professionals who agree they “have a seat at the table” has increased from less than a quarter to more than half. In addition, the demand for L&D specialists has increased by 94% and L&D professionals have seen a 15% increase in promotions. Almost half of all L&D professionals say their budgets will increase this year.

Leadership development is the number one priority now for L&D professionals around the world. 

That’s because leaders have a powerful impact on employee engagement and retention. In companies that don’t care about manager development, employees are almost 50% more likely to apply for a new job. The report also shows that, when combined, upskilling and reskilling priorities with digital upskilling, skills emerge as the most pressing concern across the world:

The primary focus areas of L&D programs in 2022:

  • Leadership and management training > 49%
  • Upskilling and reskilling employees > 46%
  • Digital upskilling / digital transformation > 26%
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion > 26%

LinkedIn experts say that one way to reframe all this new pressure is to take a step back and recognize that learning is rapidly becoming a critical part of many peoples’ daily work, including the daily work of L&D pros themselves. 

“Employees expect opportunities to learn and grow without limitations, managers who understand individual working styles and environments, and companies that offer flexibility as a standard of employment.”, said Gogi Anand, Senior People Science Consultant, LinkedIn.

Source: 2022 Workplace Learning Report | LinkedIn Learning