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Managing the downsides of tech

March 20, 2024

The fourth edition of Deloitte’s Connected Consumer Study researched consumers attitudes and behaviors around adopting connected devices (technology, entertainment, and smart home), engaging in virtual experiences (remote work and learning, virtual health care visits), using wearables and smartphones to improve health and well-being, and enhancing home and mobile connectivity with 5G. The main finding is that consumers are struggling to find the right balance between their digital and physical lives.

According to the paper, most respondents say their connected devices have a positive impact on their lives and help them build meaningful connections (fostering relationships with friends, family, or communities with shared interests). But too much time spent on devices can also stoke tech fatigue and concerns around well-being, data privacy, and security.

According to the report, this will have a direct impact on purchases (not forgetting the economic pressures of 2023):

  • Nearly half (49%) of respondents said they have delayed device purchases in the past year;
  • 33% feel they can’t afford to buy the tech devices their household needs

Consumers haven’t closed their wallets entirely, however: 

  • 32% have purchased one or two connected devices;
  • 16% purchased three or more;
  • Only three in 10 respondents have bought cheaper devices than they would have purchased ordinarily.

“This suggests an area where tech companies can help consumers find the right balance. By making devices more affordable, simpler to secure and interoperate, and easier to set aside when one needs a break, tech providers can help consumers get the most out of their digital devices and experiences—without being overwhelmed,” said Jana Arbana and colleagues.

Source: Deloitte Insights