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New Year’s wishes at work: mental health

December 23, 2021

Mental health is a worrying factor for most respondents of recent research on the expectations of professionals about the future of work. 44% of them are highly concerned about whether the amount of work will affect people’s mental health in the coming years. Another 43% highlight a medium concern about the topic.

The survey was carried out by the multinational business and IT consultancy NTT Data with 3,200 professionals from 10 countries, including Brazil and Portugal – all from large groups, financial, energy and health sectors, as well as telecommunications and consumer goods.

Survey participants indicate a desire to have the support of companies for their professional development. Over 65% of respondents expect the company of the future five years from now to invest in their education and development.

Another relevant factor highlighted in the study is a benefit policy from employers. Almost 45% expect the company of the future to offer flexible benefits such as health insurance, food, transportation, life insurance, daycare, etc.


Source: Insights for the future