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Offices are (gradually) going green

December 21, 2021

As global leaders pledge to reduce their carbon emissions, cities move toward more sustainable transportation and eateries ditch disposable straws, workplaces are following suit. A survey with professionals in the US and Canada found that 59% of the offices have made environmentally-friendly changes in the last three years, which is far more common in larger offices – where the number jumps to 70%.

The most common sustainable choices workers reported are:

  • Providing recycling bins (65%);
  • Shutting off lights / electronics when not in use (40%);
  • Going digital (34%);
  • Providing reusable cutlery / dishware (27%);
  • Being located in a LEED-certified building (27%);
  • Cutting out disposable cutlery / dishware (24%).

When asked what kind of “green” incentives they wish the office offered, employees listed:

  • Transit reimbursement (59%);
  • Contests (57%);
  • Work From Home program (45%);
  • Carpool program (33%);
  • Bike credit (28%).

Beyond making a difference to current workers, a green workplace could help attract new candidates. Almost one-third (32%) of professionals say a company’s sustainability efforts would be a factor in their job search. This is highest among senior managers (53%), media professionals (43%) and men (40%).


Source: Captivate Office Pulse Survey