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One in four professionals has been fired because of age, survey shows

December 19, 2022

Although longevity is increasing globally, research still indicates that older people still face difficulties to stay in the labor market.

A survey conducted this year with Brazilian HR professionals by the platforms, Colettivo and Talento Sênior, and published by Valor Econômico newspaper, found that one in four professionals has already been fired because of their age.

The study also questioned whether the companies where people work consider eliminating older candidates just because of their age in job selection processes. One in five respondents said they would consider it.

Regarding inclusion, the study asked whether professionals have hired anyone over the age of 50 in the past six months, and 42% of responses were negative. In addition, 81% of respondents said that the company where they work has not promoted any specific program for hiring 50+ people in the last year.

Another survey, by Infojobs, which heard more than 4.5 thousand people, reveals that 7 out of 10 professionals over 40 have already suffered prejudice during selection processes because of their age. In addition, 78.5% of those interviewed believe that companies do not give them the same chances granted to younger candidates. 

More and more leaders have been working for companies to include anti-ageism policies among their diversity agendas. According to specialists, some initiatives may be:

  • Opening job openings only for 45+ professionals;
  • Eliminate ageist attitudes from the selection process;
  • Create new contract models and work routines;
  • Promote educational actions about aging;
  • Encouraging intergenerational coexistence has proven to be healthy for companies to achieve good results;
  • Train managers and teams so that there is no exclusion in the selection of résumés solely based on age.

Source: Valor Econômico | infojobs