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Pandemic accelerates structural changes across health ecosystem

December 6, 2021

Intensified by the health crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, challenges — such as new consumer habits, the demand for digital transformation — also present an opportunity for organizational leaders to bring about necessary changes to the entire ecosystem.

Deloitte’s survey “Global Healthcare Perspectives 2021” suggests that leaders should take advantage of this time, when there is a strong demand for organizational responses, to address pressing sectoral issues in 2021.

Among the fundamental changes that are emerging is increased consumer involvement in healthcare decision-making; the rapid adoption of virtual consultations and other innovations in digital technologies; the push for interoperable data and data analytics usage; and unprecedented collaborations between the public and private sectors. 

“Focus is shifting from health care to health and well-being. More resources (time, money, and attention) are being allocated from the end of the health care value chain (treatment and aftercare) to the beginning. There will be a greater focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, vitality, and wellness; on primary and secondary prevention; and on early diagnosis”, report says.

The survey found that 72% of consumers prioritize health and well-being, while 60% of doctors follow this movement towards prevention. What about organizational leaders? Are they following the course and assuming it as their own business? Amid ongoing dynamics, the report concludes that governments, healthcare providers, investors and other stakeholders around the world are being challenged to streamline, adapt and innovate quickly.

Source: 2021 global health care outlook