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Pets at work: a win-win to people and businesses

June 1, 2022

One of the legacies of the pandemic for the labor market has been awakening smiles and affection around the world. According to the Radar Pet 2021 survey, the number of pets in Brazilian homes, for instance, grew 30% during the pandemic, and 23% of pet owners acquired their first pet during the social isolation period. It was precisely at a time when remote work dominated the routine of companies. It was set: the return to the face-to-face model would no longer be the same.

More and more companies are transforming themselves and introducing changes to please employees and, in turn, generate productivity and results. As one of them, Nestlé has chosen Brazil to be the first market in Latin America to implement the Pets at Works project, which was born in the United States even before the pandemic. To participate, interested employees must register in advance and prove that their pets are up to date with vaccines and are in good health. Owners must also ensure that the pet is wearing its collar and toys, provide fresh water and food during the day they are in the building, and take responsibility for the pet’s hygiene and care. 

A variety of research has shown that the presence of pets in the workplace is a significant stress buffer for their owners. And the benefits may extend to co-workers as well, who report enjoying brief interactions with the pets and sometimes even asked to take them for a walk. 

One survey conducted with thousands of pet lovers across Europe found out that:

  • 40% of people with pets at work say it enhances work-life balance
  • 24% of people with pets at work say it improves relationships in the workplace
  • 45% of people with pets at work say it creates a more relaxed atmosphere
  • 50% of employees without a pets at Work scheme would see it as a benefit

Overall, workplaces that adopt a pet-friendly policy experience the benefit of attracting and retaining happier and healthier employees.

Source: USCPurina | Nestlé | Forbes