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Preparing the workforce for ethical and trustworthy AI

May 8, 2024

Inspired by the findings in Deloitte’s annual “State of Ethics and Trust in Technology” report, Deloitte surveyed 100 C-suite executives with a lens on preparing the workforce for AI. The goal? To understand how organizations are using AI, how they are educating their workforces on this topic, and how they are using ethics in their implementation plans, policies, and decision-making. 

The analysis found that that leaders see a pressing need for ethical AI guidelines—and believe those guidelines are essential to growing revenue and establishing trust:

  • 88% of executives surveyed said their organizations are taking measures to communicate the ethical use of AI to their workforces, demonstrating leaders’ commitment to the responsible use of this technology.

Among executives surveyed, publishing clear policies and guidelines was ranked the most effective method of communicating AI ethics to the workforce, followed by workshops and training.

  • 55% of C-suite leaders believe having ethical guidelines for emerging technologies like Generative AI is very important as they relate to revenue, followed by brand reputation and marketplace trust.

Respondents also indicated their boards of directors (52%), and chief ethics officers (52%) are always involved in creating policies and guidelines for the ethical use of AI. Furthermore, 49% report their organizations currently have guidelines or policies in place regarding the ethical use of AI, and another 37% of those surveyed said they are nearly ready to roll them out.

Leaders recognize the value of human talent and see how AI can elevate it

Respondents said their enterprises are actively training and upskilling their workforces, acquiring organizations with AI capabilities and skills and hiring for AI. These actions are helping to prepare their employees for the integration of AI, and roughly an additional 40% of those surveyed say they are close to ready to do the same.

More executives surveyed said their organizations are currently hiring or planning to hire for specific positions to meet the ethical needs of emerging tech. Those positions include AI ethics researcher, compliance specialist, and technology policy analyst, along with roles such as chief ethics officer and chief trust officer.

Source: Deloitte