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Providing financial education to employees: a strategic issue

April 19, 2022

Nine out of ten employees (91%) agree that companies need to encourage and teach about financial education, according to a survey conducted by Creditas@Work with 1,500 Brazilians. The study showed that 45% of employees say the company where they work offers access to or support for financial education.

According to the paper, 82% of those surveyed are considering having another job to supplement their current income because of their current financial situation. And 74% say that their financial situation affects their mental health and productivity at work.

The paper, moreover, indicates that benefits such as financial education (74%), private pension plans (59%), salary anticipation (56%), and payroll loans (49%) have been increasingly valued by employees.

To Valor Econômico newspaper, Viviane Sales, vice president of Creditas@Work, said: “The role of HR has changed and today it needs to be an ally of the employee also in the financial issue,” defends the executive. It is a question of empathy and being with the employee in the moments when he needs it most.”

The publishing highlights that today there is a lot of talk about the importance of offering initiatives that promote employee well-being, but that there is still little discussion about how to take care of employees’ financial health – a scenario that has been changing. “HRs are increasingly realizing the need to offer solutions that go beyond the traditional benefits, such as meal vouchers, food and transportation. The professionals are looking for companies that also offer support in other aspects of their lives, such as mental and financial health,” Sales said.

Source: Valor