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Raising customers’ awareness

September 9, 2022

Sustainability and environmental preservation are considered subjects of great interest for the majority of the Rock in Rio audience. This is what a Datafolha survey of 412 people over the age of 16 indicates. Seven out of ten people interviewed (70%) said they are interested in the subject; 29% say they are “a little interested”, while 1% have none. In this context, for 54%, paper is the ideal material for product packaging, followed by glass, with 21%, plastic, with 12%, and aluminum, with 8%.

When asked whether they buy sustainable products, 81% of those interviewed at Rock in Rio said yes, with 21% saying they do so always and 61% sometimes. In addition, the survey showed that 77% of the public would change their habits in favor of the environment.

The numbers are a good example of how a genuine, well-rounded purpose delivers results and increases customer awareness. 

One of the largest music festivals in the world is a good case in point. In 37 years, Rock in Rio has solidified its values and purpose aligned with sustainability, and today the public recognizes the company’s role beyond entertainment.

Rock in Rio’s VP of Learning Experience Agatha Arêas, one of the guests on the BR Talks interview series (watch here), highlights the importance of educating employees and consumers about the themes that establish the purpose of an organization — which can be applied in any company. 

According to the last edition of Rock in Rio Academy, the business program, raising customers’ awareness is a matter of giving the example. This year, the festival has the first 100% recycled and 100% eternally recyclable stage. “As of the 2022 edition, Rock in Rio’s purpose for a better world is reinforced from the structures. Less environmental impact, more emotional impact.”, the organizers said.

Source: Datafolha | Rock in Rio