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Remote work is making diversity teams a reality

January 10, 2023

A recent analysis of LinkedIn Self-ID data found that there was a 20% increase year over year in the share of women applying for remote jobs, and a 10% jump year over year in the share of women who accepted a job offer for a remote position. 

The data also shows a 16% increase in the share of applicants who are Latino and a 17% increase in the share who are Black, with a 5% increase in confirmed hires for Latino applicants and a 24% increase in confirmed hires for Black applicants.

LinkedIn factored into the analysis 1 million accounts belonging to men and women, as well as 300,000 accounts of black and Latino members who chose to share their demographics.

Andrew McCaskill, a LinkedIn career expert heard by Bloomberg, said that as the number of remote jobs declines, the question of how interested applicants are in the jobs will become increasingly important.

“More and more people want remote work, but we’re having fewer and fewer remote jobs, and more and more companies are asking people to not only not have remote jobs, but to come back into the office,” McCaskill said. “That disconnect might become a problem as our companies start to look at, ‘how do we attract that talent?’”

Source: Linkedin