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Self-promotion: no longer a matter of vanity

February 7, 2023

The creative industry staff particularly hyper-focused on finding distinct ways to feel appreciated and valued at work while solo professionals rely on self-promotion to build a network of clients and collaborators. That’s one of the outcomes of the latest We Transfer Ideas Report. For content creators, mastering social media is the key to reaching bigger audiences, creating a personal brand, and increasing their income.

However, the majority of respondents acknowledge that self-promotion alone isn’t enough to build a career on. Nearly 70% believe a strong work ethic is more important than raw talent and 80% say that learning “timeless skills” that can weather the tides of technology is crucial.

About 60% of respondents believe that independent study —be it taking classes, learning via an app, or watching online tutorials—is the most efficient way to acquire a new skill. Besides, half consider travel as a means of cultivating their skill set and sensibilities. Only 12% believe that a formal education is necessary. A traditional design/creative education tops the list of overrated skills in the workplace.

The report also shed light on the generational aspect. Gen Z creatives, most likely to consider themselves part of the hardest working generation, are especially keen about learning new creative software (42% vs 39% of Boomers), production skills (23% vs 19%), social media content creation (36% vs 29%), and developing expertise in building for augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality (10% vs 9%) platforms. 

Source: WeTransfer Ideas Report 2022