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Stress x health: how companies can help their teams

March 15, 2022

Managing stress and feeling happier at work. More than ever, it has become an imperative to be achieved.  The psychologist Antonija Pacek, Creativity and Innovation Practice Leader for Global Success Advisors and MEA Business Group, approaches the topic with a questioning gaze.

“As we have been experiencing a tremendous level of disruption, not seen in generations, personal resilience is more difficult to reach, yet it is more important than ever. Do we end up in freezing, fight/flight or a panic mode, or do we manage to thrive, connect with others, and have our open mind to resolve business problems as they arrive in such conditions?”, she says.

Antonija points out that, during adverse situations, emotional strains are tension, fear, confusion, disorientation, where our limitations become apparent: “There are a number of techniques and strong choices to take to clear our mind, and we need to shift our mindset about how we define/see stress”.

That’s exactly what she is going to share with the audience next March 29. Antonia Pacek will be on stage at Teatro Tivoli, in Lisbon, as one of the Happy Conference 2022 speakers. In-person or remotely, the participants will learn the best practices on combating stress and techniques for how to re-direct their energy during tough times. In other words, a powerful tool for leaders and teams to make the most of it.


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