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The Generation Z effect

May 26, 2023

Generation Z is leading companies to a new way of working, with less presence in the office and more actions focused on the ESG agenda. According Talent Trends 2023 report, by LLYC, ESG is no longer just an acronym for the specific audience, but a value proposition lever for new employees. The new generation of professionals questions the obligation of face-to-face work and values asynchronous communication and the “anywhere office”.

“In general, the upcoming labor market is shaped by the strength of the effects of Gen Z who are establishing their work ethics in companies that have more flexible conditions and greater ethical demands. This is also beginning to pass down to all other generations, demanding more humane, committed, supportive and agile companies.”, the authors say.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with the International Organization of Human Capital Managers, also points out other trends marking talent management in 2023:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves people management

The global AI market is projected to grow more than 20% between 2022 and 2029. This will enable the development of predictive analytics that will help in decision-making regarding human capital. Technology can improve selection processes with algorithms that refine résumé screening and create chatbots capable of answering professionals’ questions remotely.

2. Integration demands even more attention

Studies indicate that 90% of workers decide whether or not they will remain in the company within the first six months of living together. In this sense, onboarding is the first step to strengthen the relationship between the employee and the company, being a good opportunity to integrate the professional into the organizational culture.

3. Higher turnover requires flexibility in career plans

Phenomena such as the great resignation and the “quiet quitting”, which took hold in 2022, brought a common reality to most organizations: the increase in unwanted turnover. On one hand, a greater “coming and going” of resumes can be an opportunity to incorporate more senior profiles into the team. On the other hand, living with the dance of the chairs requires a reformulation of internal mobility policies and career plans.

Source: LLYC | Valor Econômico