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The global call for more mental health support

June 15, 2022

The explosion of awareness around mental health is driving people globally to demand that employers and schools step up and provide more support.

Since work and school are the places where people spend the most time outside their family life, the 2022 edition of Global Learner Survey asked 5,000 people in five countries about the importance of mental health in their decisions on education and career moves.

The results are clear – people want employers and schools to do more:

  • 90% of people think more highly of companies that actively address employee mental health and wellbeing, and 86% say mental health and wellness benefits are an important part of their decision on whether to pursue a new job.
  • 85% expect their employers to address the mental health and wellbeing of employees.
  • 91% of parents agree schools should play a bigger role in training people to solve today’s mental health issues.
  • 92% of parents regard mental health and wellbeing services as important elements when considering higher education [institutions] for themselves or their children.
  • 61% of people globally believe children should be introduced to wellness and mental health awareness in primary or middle school.

“The staggering rise of mental health issues across the world largely exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has placed workers,  parents, and children in crisis. Countless are seeking guidance and resources on how to help manage mental health challenges in a digital-first world, where connection and healing is proving complicated – especially for younger generations. Companies and educational institutions need to deliver programs that truly meet the expectations of prospective and current students or employees”, concludes the report.

Source: The Pearson Global Learner Survey