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Top wellness trends for 2023

January 8, 2023

The understanding of health and work is in complete revolution. Not just because last year Burnout Syndrome was classified as an occupational disease — caused by “chronic job stress that has not been successfully managed,” in the words of the World Health Organization (WHO) — but because well-being has become as important as salary to employees.

According to a Betterfly survey, 54% of workers report feeling exhausted, while another 50% say they are overworked, and 40% of professionals want to resign from their current job. In light of this, 77% of workers say they would consider leaving a company that does not prioritize wellness, as reported in the Corporate Wellness 2022 Panorama, conducted by Gympass. The level is very close to those who mention payment as a reason for dismissal (83%).

Therefore, the concept of work-life wellness will also be one of the great themes on which companies worldwide will concentrate their efforts. At the request of the Brazilian magazine Exame, Gympass pointed out four wellness trends for 2023. Check them out:

1. Technology drives wellness trends

“Device technologies that track physical activity, sleep, calories burned, stress levels and more are exploding in popularity. Employers are seeing huge benefits in offering these technological devices to employees. Think of them as viable wellness programs that help keep hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity in check by monitoring employee activity levels, heart rate and blood pressure.”

2. After microlearning, microtraining

“There is a gap between the demand for mental health services and their current availability. Fitness and meditation apps are like personal trainers for the body and mind. A 10-minute meditation can improve focus while reducing stress. And movement intervals micro training that last only a few minutes-can help employees get the endorphin boost that boosts their mood several times throughout the workday if employers exert a strong influence by providing access to these apps.”

3. Group physical activity is back

“According to Gympass, activities such as Pole Fitness, Pilates, aerial yoga, aerial arch, in addition to the old familiars – Zumba, CrossFit and Spin – are all regaining their popularity on the platform. Practitioners often push themselves harder when they work out in groups. Fitness classes are also a great way to meet people and socialize.”

4. Plant-based meals are invading conventional channels

“After the pandemic, many people are rethinking their habits and becoming more concerned about their health, as well as the impact of humans on the environment. A Mintel survey found that in the UK, for example, 25% of young Generation Y people say that the pandemic has made the vegan diet more appealing. But many people realize that they don’t necessarily have to become vegetarian or vegan to reap the benefits for themselves and the environment of a plant-based diet. Many are adapting the “5-2 Plant Diet” – five days a week of only plant foods and two days of meals with animal products. The benefits of this type of eating include weight loss and lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers.”

Source: Exame